We found out about MYSA on May Day!

Yesterday was May Day. Not Mummy’s day, just May Day.  And when we walked past this maritime flag at the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens, Mummy thought this spelt “May’s!”IMG_7451Not quite, Mummy dearest. LOL!

She was obviously curious and went to ask at the marquee what it stood for and that’s when we found out that it is the Model Yacht Sailing Association.

We were told that every Sunday morning, MYSA would meet to sail their model yachts at The Round Pond in Kensington Gardens and they have been doing so since 1884. It is the home of the oldest model yacht club in the U.K. Who knew?!?!?!

Today they had a little regatta. We only saw the tail end of itIMG_7442Because Mummy was busy taking photos of the goslings swimming away …  IMG_7440Note the model yachts in the background.  Hurry up, Mummy!IMG_7437Look at this beauty …IMG_7445 We liked the little sailor at the helmIMG_7448

May’s comment: If not for Jane mentioning it to us, we would never have known there was a regatta going on at The Round Pond near Kensington Palace.  It is apparently the home to Model Yachts Sailing Association. When speaking to one of the organisers we found out that they meet every Sunday morning at around 10:30am – which explains why we never see them when we’re there – it’s at the same time as our Cockapoo meets.  But now we’ll have to make it on other Sundays!

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