Wishing you Happy Ever After!

We woke up this morning and thought to go out for a morning walk …But this is what we saw outside Macdonalds Hotel.We went back inside the hotel and went out the back way to some green parks just down the road for a bit of play.But soon hurried back to watch the guests arriving for the wedding in the hotel lobby.As soon as the service was over, we went outside of the hotel to join the crowd waiting for the carriage drive past.This was where we were when the newly weds went past us – we were way back in the crowd.The whole visit to the Royal Wedding in Windsor culminated to these few brief seconds as the carriage went past.

May’s comment: Congratulations to the newly weds. Wishing you happy ever after!

What a fun two days it had been. Thank you Julie and Barnaby for joining us on this crazy adventure. There is only one Prince Harry after all! And a bucket list!

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  1. Cheryl

    What a fabulous day! So glad you got to enjoy the festivities in person! I too wish them a long happy life together!

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