Me and the Stephansdom steeple

Last week it looked like I had a needle coming out of my head –img_6996Thanks to Mummy’s accidental photo taking from the 18th floor of the Hotel Sofitel Stephansdom.

This time we walked over to Stephansplatz and with Mummy’s attempt to try to get the whole church with me in the photo – it now looks like I have a cone on my head!img_7475It’s a very large church so it would be difficult to get us two in a photo with the whole church in the background.img_7444Because when we did, we looked like ants in the picture.img_7347That’s us on the bottom left!

We weren’t allowed inside the cathedral but when we were walking along later in the evening, we came across another beautiful church. img_7454 Peterskirche (St. Peter’s Church) is a Baroque Roman Catholic parish church on Petersplatz.  As it was Sunday evening, there were all sorts of concerts in the churches throughout the evening.  Petersplatz is a quieter area in the night than Stephansplatz, so Mummy peeped inside to have a look.img_7456 And she snuck me in there to take a photo – img_7457And left very quickly just in case! LOL!

Well, that was one thing down on the list of things to do.

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