Me Lady, Who’s Tramp?

Today’s DVD was “Lady and the Tramp.” Sasha and I watched it together.


At the beginning of the movie, it says:

“In the whole history of the world there is but one thing that money can not buy … to wit – the wag of a dog’s tail.” – Josh Billings

… so it is to all dogs – be they LADIES or TRAMPS that this picture is respectfully dedicated.

That’s really nice.  So Lady is a cocker spaniel and Tramp is a mutt.  Though I am technically more “mutt,” as I am part cocker spaniel I relate more to Lady.  It was nice romantic doggy story.  And in the end they had puppies  – a bit confused why they either looked like Lady (a cocker spaniel) or  Tramp (a mutt).

But there was something else I relate to. When the owners had a baby, Lady felt unloved and unwanted. I feel a bit this way when little Tyke is here. I feel Mummy gives priority to Sasha and I get left behind when they go out. I always get told off whenever I play with any of his toys (I chewed his robot today!)  I’m sure Mummy does not love me less. I think it’s because Sasha isn’t here for long so she wants to spend time with him.


  1. Love this photo of Miss Darcey and little Tyke.

  2. Miss Darcy


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