Meet “For-now-Radar” from Tunisia

We were in Pet Pavilion the other day when this other dog walked into the store – and of course I barked at him.img_9624But he wasn’t bothered by me.

He stood very still by the man who was holding his leash with the words “Adopt Me” on it – which led Mummy and Yaena to ask if he’s a rescue.img_9638Indeed he was.  We learnt that he had been rescued from Tunisia, that he had come over to the UK  and had been staying with Hannah, the woman in this photo. She’s a dog-trainer and volunteered her services as a fosterer to the charity Rescue Animals of North Africa (R.A.N.A.).

And just before they came into Pet Pavilion to do some shopping, the rescue had just met his new owner, Alex. Wow! We felt so honoured to have been there to witness his transition into his new life.  
img_9631 With all the chattering going on, he stood quietly and observed what was going on around him. He kept looking up at Hannah (his fosterer) to see what she was doing. She was in fact helping to pick out a collar and leash of him. And he looked absolutely delighted.  img_9621And then a little bewildered at what was going around his neck. 🙂img_9627Nothing like a rescue realising that his life has changed, or changing. He can’t believe all the things they were buying for his new home – a new bed, bowls for his food and water.

He had only just met his new owner, Alex, literally almost just minutes before.  img_9641Alex had not decided a name for him yet. For now he is called “Radar” because his expressive ears pricked up ever so often!img_9623Welcome to London, “for-now-Radar” – we hope we will see you in the park sometime and see you enjoying your new life here. George does and I am sure you will too.

May’s comment: “Radar” as he is currently called came a long, long way from being a stray in Tunisia, risking being shot everyday.  We heard that he was found on the beaches by R.A.N.A. – a UK charity that rescues animals across Libya and Tunisia.  We met him as his fosterer and his new owner brought him into Pet Pavilion to buy him all the things he needed for his new home.  He had only just met his new owner.

There was something so beautiful about his face – those big eyes looked slightly bewildered. Maybe it was because he is still taking in the new environment – so different from what he had known all his life. Just imagine, going indoors must be completely new to him, and having people who are showing him attention and feeding him – he must be thinking he had won the lottery. He was probably trying to comprehend how lucky he was to be rescued from his situation in Tunisia where they shoot strays.  And you just know he will forever be grateful for everything that they were doing for him.  We felt honoured to have been there to see the beautiful moment of when a rescue is about to go to his forever home.

It reminded me very much of the day when I first saw George and I, too took him to buy a new collar that was going to be his and not a hand-me-down from Darcy. Hers was too big for him anyway. And he needed a harness to help him get used to walking on a lead.  He too was probably bewildered when we took the bus, when he was fitted with a harness and when he went for walk on the road next to big, fast-moving vehicles which frightened him. I remember feeling overwhelmingly protective towards him, wanting to hold him and hope he feels the love that was bursting from my heart. It was a tender moment of both sadness thinking about the lives they once led and a moment of humanity that we’re able to provide safety and love to these four-legged creatures who have for centuries brought us so much joy and given us opportunities to recognise our ability to love.

I’ve never heard of Rescue Animals of North Africa until I met Hannah who was fostering “Radar”. She is a dog trainer and helps out RADA with fostering and helping rescues to settle into their new environment.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    What a sweetheart. I think Radar is a great name for him, maybe he should keep it!

  2. Cecilia Lin

    Thanks to all the rescue organizations out there, so many fur babies can have a new life!

  3. Margaret Danks

    What a beautiful face Radar has. I too think that is a great name for him as it is twofold. One, because of his ears, and two, he could have gone under the radar and was never meant to meet Alex.

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