Morning Meditation

As much as I like to run, I also like to sit still sometimes and observe things around me … quietly.

Alas, not George.

There he goes – scampering through the woodsIMG_7133 Like as if he has new found freedom!IMG_7134 And interrupting my meditationIMG_7137 Seriously, George??!!!
IMG_7138Oh, where did he go?IMG_7139_2OK, so much for meditating – let me show him, who’s in charge! IMG_7088_2And race him …
IMG_7090_2 to the …IMG_7091_2beach!!!!IMG_7124_2IMG_7125_2Come on, slow poke!IMG_7127_2On the way back we saw some cows …IMG_7146_2 Georgie was a little unsure what they were – and hid behind me.IMG_7147_2 Oh Georgie, look they are probably as curious about you – but don’t worry they are behind the fence.IMG_7149_2

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  1. James

    Absolutely love Holkham beach.. Taking the pups there next week for a getaway!

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