Morning, morning, morning!!!

It’s wakey, wakey, wakey!May’s comment:  One of the blessings of having a dog in my life is waking up and my first thoughts are not about myself. The first thing I do (after turning off the alarm) is to take count of them – especially this weekend when Jaffa is staying over.  To make sure they are all there and they are all fine.

So this morning, I opened my eyes and I see Jaffa next to me.IMG_5871When I stir, their heads automatically look up – and I see these two beautiful faces looking back at me.IMG_5884I can feel the weight of George’s body on top of the covers by my legs. He was still all stretched out asleepIMG_5873But it didn’t take him long to hear my camera phone clicking. IMG_5879And then all positions start to change …

He moved up to nestle next to me and looked at Jaffa saying – What are you doing next to Mummy’s pillow?IMG_5889 And proceeded to take the prime position. IMG_5901And as soon as I down her camera phone – everything goes into fast motion!!!!IMG_5698It’s walks and feeding and more walks till bed time.

Blessed are those who know the company of dogs.  Of course another human body in bed with all these creatures would be even better! But till then, there’s still room for more – guests stay-overs only!  🙂

I did have a seed of a thought for number three but till I live in a place where they can run freely any time and everyday of the year, it is not only not realistic, and irresponsible of me. So I am also blessed with the potential of so many stay over guests.

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  1. margaret danks

    There’s not a better site in the morning, than seeing your pets all snuggled and safe next to you.

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