Dog people all over the world – are the best!

Over the years of blogging we’ve met many people over the internet or social media. 

As they came from far and wide, we usually meet the owners but never their pooches, but last Sunday, we met Maya, a cavapoo – from Malta! Left to right – Jaffa, George, me and Maya.

Actually, Maya hailed from England but she now lives with her South African/French parents in Malta. When they decided to come to London for a visit, they asked is we could meet up.  We met for a walk in Kensington Gardens and we showed them the park we know and love.It was so much fun meeting Maya and her mummy and daddy – the hoomans exchanged stories about Malta. I went there a few years ago for a quick visit and we have found some dog-friendly places to go to. I think that was how Kay, Maya’s mummy found out about our blog when she was searching for dog-friendly places there.

Over the years, through our blog, we’ve been so fortunate to have met some of the “blog friends.”

I believe the first of our overseas blog readers who came to visit were Pam and Peter. They came all the way from Adelaide, Australia – and of course we had an English Afternoon Tea – at Egerton House Hotel!They came not once but twice! We felt so honoured that they took the time out of their busy world wind tour to say hello to us – twice.  When is the third time, Pam and Peter?Pam and Peter were the ones who tipped us about the Hurtigruten Ferry cruise!

Given that Australia is on the other side of the world, it’s amazing to have also met Helen from Brisbane.We’re still waiting for that Tasmanian fridge magnet – when she returns to visit. 🙂

From across the pond, we met Peg from Ottawa, Canada.Peg had been wanting to give me a hug for years.  And we’re still encouraging her to get another cockapoo – and if she gets one from the UK, she will have to come visit again!

And Joan and Ron from Toronto.They too remember fondly, our friend Maddie. We have great hopes that they will be back this way again.

And south of the Canadian border, came Teresa (New York) and Jeanne (Miami)Of course we had to show them Peggy Porschen. And guess what? Jeanne is coming back soon for another visit. Can’t wait!

And then there were Joan and Charles who came from Kuala Lumpur because they really wanted to meet us! That was their priority! Not all of the people we met came from abroad. We also met Ella from Manchester, when she was in London for an extended period of time. There have been so many of you we have met over the years and we feel so blessed – whether we have met in person or just through the internet, we are grateful for your friendship, your support and your encouraging words. Thank you for journeying with us and we look forward to more visits, get-togethers and getting to know each other – in person.

In turn, we’ve also met many others on our travels. And on those visits, we met the pooches too! 🙂 We’ll have to write that blog another time – soon.

May’s comment: Sometimes I enjoy Social Media and other times I tire of it. Then there are the times when I get an unexpected email – asking if we could meet up because they want to say hello to Darcy and George. Those are the times that shows the best of social media. It brings like-minded people together.

The friends we’ve mentioned above are people we have never met before in person but only through our blog, except for Joan and Charles. Joan is an old friend from Malaysia but we had lost touch over the years. Only because of Darcy and George that we re-connected.  Even they came to London because of my dogs! 🙂

With each and everyone of them, when we met, the dogs were always the ice-breaker and we chatted away like we’ve known each other for a long time. It amazes me still.  Dog people definitely get each other no matter where we’re from.


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  1. Ginny

    Next time I come to London (from New Zealand) I will time it to meet you all at the Doodle Meet in Kensington Gardens. Unfortunately Ziggy won’t be there but it is my dream! 💕

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