We seem to have found most of our dog friendly restaurants along Fulham Road – now we’re targeting the other side of where we live – King’s Road. So today we ventured into mozzarella&more – a sister restaurant of “made in italy”


The rule here is the owner loves dogs … but not as much as his customers. If any of them should complain, we can’t stay. But overall, we’re allowed in or we get to sit in a table closest to the door. And it’s easier at lunch time during the week as it is not so crowded.

IMG_0244 IMG_0245 IMG_0246

May’s comment: A good enough place to stop for a meal when shopping along King’s Road or when going to the cinema – an alternative to everything else we always go to.  It is relatively new – we haven’t tried to ask about the more established “made in italy” just a few doors down.

Had lasagne today –


Nice thoughtful words as well …


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