Mummy, Jaffa told me I’m not Top Dog

As you know, me, Georgie has been staying at Jaffa’s since Mummy was re-admitted to the hospital a week ago.

We’ve been having so much fun playing together.  As Mummy’s been away, I’ve followed Jaffa’s mummy around a lot.  In the evenings I even get to sleep on the bed with Camilla and Dominic.  I let Jaffa snuggle with Camilla and I snuggle up to Dominic.

During the day Jaffa and I are always together and even when she was tired, I would go and seek her out.IMG_3214

We’ve been out to the country to run around, chase each other in the fields and barked at the horses. We were constantly with humans all the time.

But last night, we were left at home alone – just the two of us and we had words.  Jaffa told me she is still Top Dog in their household. So I went upstairs to mark my territory and she went downstairs to leave her poo.  And in the midst of all that heated discussion one of us got sick. Can’t remember who it was.

Anyway, enough of that. We both had a stand-off. I sat in one room and she sat in another until the humans came home a few hours later and found our markings. They were not pleased but equally confused at what might have happened.

May’s comment: Obviously, the above is a conjecture of what might have happened.  Camilla told me it was bordering on hilarious the way these two were behaving.  They must have had a spat when it was just the two of them at home.

It’s Jaffa’s house and in usual form, George was trying to be top dog. Darcy hasn’t been too bothered about George’s antics. She just lets him get on with it knowing she’s my number 1 always. She’s really quite secure in herself that way. Whereas George needs to be in your face.

Love them both.

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