Mummy – the Matchmaker!

The Cockapoos of Hyde Park have their first litters!!!

My ex-ex-ex, a hundred times over boyfriend, Rocko met Bella at one of the Hyde Park Cockapoo meets and they decided to “get together”!IMG_5723And Mummy wants to take credit that she’s the match-maker only because if not for her and Stacy – Rocko and Bella might not have met!

Anyway months later, they have babies!  IMG_5746I am very happy for them since I can’t have babies of my own.

Today Mummy went to meet the sextuplets – 2 girls and 4 boys.

This is Lola and BabyIMG_5671 Alfie and OttoIMG_5694 Pip and RioIMG_5701 Bella keeping an eye on Mummy.  She was very alert – I would be too, Bella.IMG_5676She was in the next room when Mummy said, jokingly, that she wanted to take Lola home. She ran into the room barking at Mummy! LOL!!!

May’s comment:  It’s the first time I’ve met newly born puppies – they’re 4 weeks old.  One cuter than the next.IMG_5664 IMG_5774IMG_5782IMG_5769IMG_5736 IMG_5764 IMG_5787Soon they will all be going to their individual homes – separated forever from their mummy and their siblings. And people often wonder why some puppies cry when they are brought home to a new environment – away from the only other living beings they have known in their short time in this world.

If they end up in a home that might have another dog, they have their own non-biological “brother” or “sister” – it’s a strange concept isn’t it?

P.s. Apologies if I got the names wrong but I couldn’t see the colours of the collar.


  1. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    Awwww X xx

  2. Alison Mullett

    Oh my goodness, how ‘cockapoo’ broody am I????????????

  3. Samantha

    Oh May they are beautiful. Not found a breeder yet but hope to get my own pup soon x

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