Mummy’s Boy

Nothing like even more bonding time with Mummy …After dropping off Little Tyke at Summer Camp, we went to Nell’s for breakfast – and we found out we had to sit downstairs because some hooman forgot to keep his dog on a leash!IMG_3352We sat in the empty basement – so I barked at men who came downstairs because I thought it was our place and I was being territorial.

Walking along King’s Road, we stopped to shop at  …IMG_3399 And went to the changing room with Mummy.IMG_3398Then it was off to “work” at Chelsea Design Centre –IMG_3401I looked so small in the vast spaces.

Checking out different types of rugs –IMG_3403At Tim PageIMG_3407Another interesting carpet.

Then it was tiles –IMG_3410At Ann Sacks.

To complete the room – checking out wallpaperIMG_3416 At Arte.

And before we headed back home – I blended right in with the paint colours at Fired Earth!IMG_3266Many shades of gray!

Oh, I forgot to mention I recognised our postman and I barked at him as we walked past him on the street. People around us laughed because I was doing a “classic” dog act! Oh well. Mummy apologised to him.

One more thing to round-up the day – I went to the last of Little Tyke’s Summer Camp end of week performances!IMG_3511I sat and watched and a lot of little kids came up to say hello.  And all the camp counsellors was very pleased that I sat and watched the children’s performances. I pretended like I enjoyed it but I really didn’t know what they were doing! LOL!

Just another day with Mummy. Where’s Darcy? Out for a big dog walk in the park. Mummy doesn’t think I need that big walk.  I don’t really – walking around and all those new places – makes me tired.IMG_3339And then she woke me up to watch the Olympics swimming in the middle of the night!IMG_4256

May’s comment: Has it made a difference?  I think something has changed – aside form the feral moment, George seems a lot calmer.  A little more secure? It is so much easier to leave him with someone because he’s small, and I run around with Darcy.  But I think it confuses him as to why he often gets left. So now my rationale is, during the summer when Sasha is here, to juggle the hours of the day, Darcy goes for her big walk with dog walker and George goes with me everywhere. Not sure if he likes it – he still doesn’t react well to change of surface areas but this way he gets to learn they are ok. I remember early on when he would sprawl on all fours whenever he saw a big truck or buses. These days he jumps on board a bus with ease. So I think investing time in George is going to help with his aggression too.  Just thought it was too funny when he barked at the postman – he recognised him!!! LOL!  Several people around us guffawed with laughter. They thought it was so classic!  Me, embarrassed!


  1. Marcia Tailby

    Georgie – you’re a lucky boy to have so much one to one time with your mum. And btw – you look debonair in your summer cut!

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    Such a busy day for a little dog! It’s compulsory for a dog to bark at the postman, part of the Job description!

  3. Margaret Danks

    If I was able, I would take Maggiedog to work with me everyday. You are a lucky boy to get to spend so much time with mummy. And I agree, you look so handsome ( as always) with your summer cut.

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