My brother Milo!

After an eventful morning and a busy day, Mummy came home to find a message from a Facebook friend. She told us that her cockapoo is my brother!  That was the cherry that topped the cake!

Mummy had tried to find my two brothers Milo and Billy – she had posted her search everywhere but no one responded. But she knew that someone out there would know.  She’s in the love crazed cockapoo community after all – and she’s on every forum and cockapoo related Facebook page. Someone must know where they are.

We are so excited and planning a meet-up especially since our birthdays are next month.

Here we are at a few weeks old …

MILO was called Socks because of his four white paws.  Do you still have them?



And this is Milo in his chair …


This is me – was called Lulu.


And I have my own chair too!


And now we just have to find Billy!



And this is our Daddy, Ginger a miniature poodle! I think we look like him a lot!ginger

May’s comment: Thank you, Paula! You made my day!!! Can’t wait for our little poos to set again! I wonder if they’ll know that they are related!


  1. Siobhan

    So pleased to see Ginger – he’s Mungo’s Daddy too! We’ve swapped stories before on « I love my cockapoo » – but I’ve never seen a photo of Ginger – how lovely to see one now!

    • Miss Darcy

      Who’s Mungo’s mummy? How old is Mungo? I’ve recently found another of Darcy’s sibling. 🙂

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