My new beau!

This is Milo, my 4-year-old Californian boyfriend! He’s a Yorkie-poo.  Stacy set us up. We were on Skype yesterday. Maybe one day we will meet too!

May’s comment: Milo lives in Ventura county and is Stacy’s nephew dog!


  1. Charlotte & Milo Peers

    Hi Miss Darcy…this is to introduce us! My name is Milo too and I am a Cockapoo just like you, apricot and gorgeous!! I liked your photos from the Pet Spa. It is such a shame it will close tomorrow….though I must confess to never having been there: I tend to go locally for my haircuts & they always cut my fringe shorter (but my mama gets them to leave my eyelashes) so I can see the squirrels better! I look forward to meeting you at Gaucho’s in Hampstead just after Valentine’s Day….with love and Woofs from Milo and Charlotte.

    • Miss Darcy

      Hello Milo And Charlotte, I am so excited that you’re going to Gaucho’s! I am so looking forward to it.
      And kudos to Mummy for keeping the eye lashes long – it is essential for us looking gorgeous like we do!
      I just had a wash today – rainy, muddy day out – now I’m all cuddled up for some warmth.

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