Go Raw!

They say we’re scavengers by nature and we eat all sorts of rubbish. That may be true …but I sure don’t mind a good meal.

Mummy read a recent article in The Telegraph – the debate goes on between dry kibbles and raw foods.  She used to feed me dry kibbles because it was easier, cleaner, not yucky for her. She bought bags and bags. We had Lily’s, Wellbeloved, Orijen, Canagan but my sensitive tummy just didn’t sit well.  I poo-ed for all of England! And we were running off the the vet so often and be given Royal Canine Sensitivity – which always calmed down my tummy but terribly expensive.

Then one day whilst in the park, we came across another poo who had the same problem. They turned to Raw food by Honey’s. They told Mummy I will be poking pebbles! Mummy could not wait to see those “pebbles” and immediately ordered them. And voila! Sure enough, I shed pebbles! Much to Mummy’s delight.

So here’s my latest order. Yum! Yum!

IMG_0777And yes we can read the labels even backwards! LOL!

May’s comment: Never looked back! I know they say dogs can eat anything – especially leftovers! and they have a strong constitution. But if I think about what I eat and what’s healthy for me, it would only be natural for me to consider what I am giving Darcy to eat – particularly since she wasn’t taking to kibbles.  It has worked well for us but rather inconvenient for our travels.

The Telegraph’s article: Battle lines drawn over the nation’s favourite dog food


  1. Oh so glad Miss Darcy is still enjoying her Honey’s. There is a great programme on Channel 5, Thursday 30th Jan at 9pm called “The truth about your dog’s food”. Honey’s has been featured and we hope very much it will open up debate and open dog lover’s eyes to what they are actually feeding their beloved pooch.

  2. Maggie and Sealea Blue

    well miss Darcy, your food does look delicious. I am also fed on A great raw diet, have been for almost most of my life (I am 2 and a half). I love it, and so does Maggie. Lisa, my other owner, her daughter, does not!! She hates dealing with it. So when our order comes from
    Suzanne at Nutriment (it used to be another name …..but someone else now runs that company and Nutriment has gone from strength to yummy strength ) anyway …. What was I yapping ….. Oh yes, when it arrives I help Maggie unload it and portion it up!, I wish!! Anyway I am glad that you like ithe raw diet to. we must spread the word!. Where do you get yours from? We live in Stratford on Avon. Xxx

  3. Jonathan

    Dear Miss Darcy,

    Hurrah! You are coming to Crufts and your fan base will get to meet you. Glad to see you are still enjoying your Honey’s. Thank you, thank you for saying such nice things. By the way, if any friend of yours, Miss D, would like a free copy of my book on raw feeding just let me know. Plus, do remember that Honey’s never turns away a good cause if you or any of your pals are involved in fundraising. Roll on Crufts (even if it is the NEC Birmingham and it means staying in the Premier Inn.

    Super love

    XXX Jonathan

    • Miss Darcy

      Are you going to be at Crufts?
      Can you send me a copy for review and then I can blog about it.
      Is fundraising only dog related?

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