National Dog Week

Mummy just learnt that the last week of September is National Dog Week.  At least that is in America.


It started 82 years ago in 1928 when Captain William Lewis Judy, a dog enthusiast, pioneered National Dog Week — a week to celebrate the canines that faithfully served in the military, as well as the dogs that provide loyal, enduring companionship to so many people.

So, ha! ha! Mummy feeling a bit guilty about spending so much time with Little Tyke and decide that at least for the remainder of this week, she is going to dedicate more time to me – this morning we got up early and we went off to Hyde Park for a nice long walk. We came home to breakfast and she resisted going off to play with Little Tyke but instead we’re sitting home, me under Mummy’s feet as she write about me on my blog!!!

May’s comment: I have to say I did not know this existed. It’s always the last week of September.  It’s a week to celebrate mans best friend – in my case, Miss Darcy.

Also found a fun-to-read blog dedicated to National Dog Week. The blog,Nationaldogweekbook’s Blog which highlights the history of this movement, and the people that have helped to keep the celebration alive.

The author, Lisa Begin-Kruysman has also written a book chronicling the history of National Dog Week. Every Dog Has Its Week: How Seven Days in September Came to Celebrate Dogs and the People Who Love Them, telling the true story behind Judy’s inspiration for this celebration.


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