Nice – nice!

It was worth every mile it took us to get there.

We had a lovely Sunday with Zavia and the Ekstroms and saw Nice in a different way from how Mummy used to know it. I think she used to drive by it every year she used to come down to the south of France.  This time we walked the beach and we walked the nearby parks and spent time at the Ekstrom’s lovely apartment.

IMG_1788Lucas with me and Zavia on our walk

IMG_1826Mama Ekstrom and Zavia

Mummy and I stayed at a lovely hotel with interesting carpet and lots of old chairs.


They didn’t give much of a bed that they gave me but that’s ok – you know where I like to sleep!

IMG_1852This is me – a little damp after a beach run and a swim – lying on the mat that they provide.

IMG_1830This is where I prefer to sleep anyway!

While Zavia and I played like old times, Mummy and her friends talked a lot about life and travel and about us of course!

IMG_1851Our last few moments together on the Promenade des Anglais

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