Never replaced, always remembered

This is little Pongo.  Mummy met him back in 2009 when she visited Aunty Margaret in Chicago.  At that time she had not much interaction with dogs and hardly any connection. But little Pongo did not let that get in the way. 

When Mummy was fast asleep, Pongo crept into her room in the middle of the night.  As little as he was, he jumped on her bed and snuggled up next to her. Mummy was surprised and thought it was sweet.

I think Pongo knew there was more to Mummy’s heart than she realised.

Little Pongo passed away in April last year. As little as he was, the Pongo-sized hole was very large in the hearts of his family.  14 years of love to be exact.

It took a long time before they could think of letting another doggy into their lives.  Yes, they had Lily who is also a rescue.unnamedBut on the 25th March this year, the family opened their hearts to Wilson.IMG_5388They adopted Wilson from Almost Home Foundation, a fostering group in Chicago who saved Wilson from death row.

He has settled in well and when Mummy went to visit Aunty Margaret yesterday – she brought some lovely pulls made by Roxy for both Wilson and Lily. Wilson loved it so much, he decided to have Lily’s as well!

He had a good ol’ time playing tug-o-war with Mummy  …

IMG_5391-2 And when we held them high, he kept jumping up to try and get it.  He jumped so high, he jumped out of the frame of the camera! 🙂IMG_5394Then Mummy thought it was time for an introduction – so here we go again. Impostor is set into place – and each time the doggies are curious as to what this is. Sure looks like a dog but doesn’t smell like one nor does it move.IMG_5438 Wilson gave Mummy a kiss and said – thank you for introducing Impostor. He said he would like to meet me someday.IMG_5437Then it was Lily’s turn.IMG_5423 IMG_5426She was not so impressed.

IMG_5427May’s comment: Always fab to catch up with friends and now meeting all my doggy friends as well.unnamed


  1. Maggie Danks

    Lovely, dogs May,, and I love how Imposter gets to travel with you.

  2. Thank you for such a beautiful post about sweet Pongo. He has left forever heart prints in my life. We are so blessed to have Wilson and Lilly in our home.

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