Please? Pretty please?

No matter where we are, this is where I always end up –

Under the table …

IMG_2702IMG_4406No, Rusty, we have to stay down here… it seemsIMG_8222

Sometimes I crane my neck …IMG_3464And I get to see what’s on the table …

IMG_4504P1010699IMG_8221Oh wow! Fried chicken!

Sometimes I get to sit on the bench – but that’s worse because I get to see everything I am not allowed!P1010785

Hey Rusty, it’s better up here!IMG_8226And sometimes …IMG_8228I almost get it!!!

May’s comment: Miss Darcy seems like such a little lady except when it comes to food – she’s a scavenger and a beggar!  So unladylike, Miss Darcy – a little constrain and refinement required!

Out for lunch at The Lockhart – outside seating for doggies, so not a dependable option for the usual London weather.IMG_8220 IMG_8232 IMG_8236But we found a dog-friendly Spanish tapas place just down the road – that’s out next stop!

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