No rain at Meet #4! Hooray!

They say April showers bring May flowers. But it had been miserable every day since we arrived home from Italy, so it was quite a miracle that it didn’t rain on us yesterday morning.

We got there early, surveying the lay of the land when George spotted a BIG DOG!

But BIG DOG wasn’t scared off by a little mutt nor me! Who would be scared by his – ARK! ARK! ARK!

BIG DOG was rather playful and almost squashed George!

Thankfully, others came to our assist! – Lucca, Jasper and TeddyCocoEven Theo and Winston!

There were lots of play …

At the end of one of the videos, you can hear a child crying! He was riding by on his wheelie and some of us don’t like them and gave chase.  The boy started running scared and he was chased by the dog. Oh dear! It’s a big problem when scared children starts running – and we think it’s a game. It was ok in the end – poor boy – hope he won’t be put off by dogs.

Smelling each other – LOL! Indie checking out Teddy and Coco checking out IndieAnd Teddy checking out Daisy – LOL!Lots of interest in Teddy –

by Winston and George – as well as Crumpet! What have you got Teddy?

Lots of Equafleeces – due to the weather Not a whole lot of treats todayAnd another visitor … We checked him out!The black poos – Maisy, Mac and Rosie seemed to have found something interesting.

For a change, we went for a little walk on the second part of our meet. 

May’s comment: There were 21 of us in total – on a rather cold, cloudy day.There were: Rosie, Rusty, Lucca, Teddy (cavapoo), Maisy, Mac, Teddy (poochon), George (mutt), Winston (poochon), Theo (cavachon), Jasper, Darcy, Crumpet (labradoodle), Indie (toy poodle), Lily Rose, Daisy, Mollie, Naopleon (toy poodle), Coco, Peppa (cavapoo)

And Galileo!

Till the the 27th May!



  1. Maria

    Hi lovely to meet you at last and your beautiful furry children. Your amazing. Don’t know how you do all of it. Your dogs have the best lives!! Enjoyed the walk. Hope to see you soon x

  2. So good to finally make it to the monthly Hyde Park meet up! Great to meet you Miss Darcy and little George (we’ve read so much about you) and wonderful to see all your poo friends too! Hope to see you again soon!

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