No sunshine, but a lot of smiles

It sure was a wet and grey Saturday … happy to have stayed home, but Mummy had other ideas.

Let’s go try out the new rain coats,” said Mummy. Seriously?

So on went the new rain coats …Very bright! Very necessary for this grey day.And wet, wet, wet! We had to take shelter at Kurobuta along Kings Road.When it let up a little, we made our way home when we spotted a yellow car and yellow leaves on the tree.The coats kept us dry, but a lot of times the hood was over our eyes and we couldn’t see our way – so thank goodness for our leads.If not for anything, we brought a lot of smile as we walked along Kings Road! 🙂

May’s comment: I have always loved the classic yellow raincoat – even had one for myself. Found these for my pooches on Amazon – Ellie Dog Wear. And the details of the lining – love them!


  1. Kathy Shoulders

    They look adorable in them. I’m going to check out Amazon. My Buddy needs one.

  2. Lucy Cronin

    They look so adorable in their yellow slickers. I need to find a slicker for Luca.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen cuter raincoat models in my life. I die <3

  4. Margaret Danks

    They look so sweet in their little raincoats ❤️?

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