Colours are beautiful

I am apricot and Georgie is black/grey.

I am a crossbreed and Georgie is highly mixed up – LOL!

Regardless of colour and breed, and even though we have brawls at times, we still like each other for who we are – and we live in harmony.

We are Chelsea FC fans simply because they are our “neighbourhood” team – and we are upset that some of the fans misbehaved badly in Paris.

Why are humans afraid or dislike colours?

Colours make this a more beautiful world. And skin colour just that – skin deep.  It has nothing to do with the person inside.

Please love not hate. Please care and not be prejudiced. Please look at the goodness of people rather than differences.



  1. Janet Novak

    You are a smart pup Darcey girl!
    Love not hate!

  2. Love u guys

    Rusty xx

  3. davina

    Well said Darcy. Always so wise. Have you thought of going into politics. I could see you in the house of Lords though not the house of commoners. Xx

  4. Jocelyn

    Darcy girl..way to go lol X

  5. Jill

    Well said Miss Darcy.

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