Refused Entry

It seems dogs in Tenby have not been behaving! The consequence – we were refused entry to almost any restaurants in Tenby.

After running on the beach, we headed into town for lunch.  We were told to check out Qube or Lifeboat Tavern would be a good place for lunch – with me. The Qube looked nice and Mummy had a feeling they would say no and she was right.  They suggested Lifeboat Tavern.


It was empty when we went in and after we had settled, the waiter came and abruptly told us – no dogs allowed – only in the Beer Garden – which was obvious we could not sit there with the weather.


Of course Mummy got hot under the collar and challenged them why. They said they had several dogs in here that misbehaved. Mummy said – first, I go to restaurants all over London and this is a Tavern – almost all pubs in London let dogs in! And besides the place was empty! Unsuccessful, we stormed out of there. They suggested we go to Hope & Anchor.


We pushed along (literally with Little Tyke n stroller because his wellies got wet and he had no shoes on!) and found Hope & Anchor – another pub.  They served sea food. Again we were told no dogs allowed except for “upstairs” – which was a deserted room up the stairs from the toilets! We ate as quickly as we could as it seemed there was no other option for us – and left.


We walked around Tenby, quite annoyed – well, at least Mummy was. And I always become quiet whenever something like this happens because I seem to sense it was about me.  I think the first sign that maybe dogs aren’t so welcomed in town is when we passed the Lollies Shop and they said – no dogs allowed.



Looking for some redeeming feature, we found some picturesque scenes to remember Tenby by …

IMG_9122 IMG_9083

But at the end of our walk around Tenby, we finally found some good news!  At least someone likes us!

IMG_9894 IMG_9895

So we were happy to get back to The Grove – at least they welcome us. Even though I’m not allowed into certain areas, I was welcomed.

May’s comment: Needless to say, it was sad. There were so many dogs walking around town but none were allowed into restaurants.  This is not what we’re used to. I should have checked on if there was anywhere we could have gone.

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