Off to the farm

Remember Lucky and Polo from Ko Samui. They’re now almost nine months old and they are HUGE and full of energy!!!!

That’s Lucky with the funny ears!

Well, it seems they have outgrown their environment. Even though they live in a very big house, they needed more than the garden to expand their energy.

They were the happiest when they went to the beach – which wasn’t often.

After yet another episode of their puppy madness when they chewed all the outdoor furniture in their neighbour’s house. Oops! And then decided to have a play in the guest villas when the hoomans left the doors open for airing – they completely knocked over vases and chewed the tables! Guess that was the final straw! Their family decided it was best for them to live on their farm in Chiang Rai – where they can run freely with their cousins.

They were flown from Koh Samui to Bangkok where they were met. And then another flight to Chiang Rai.

Arriving in Bangkok for an overnight stay before leaving for Chiang Rai the next day.
Lucky: Wonder where are we going to now?
Another drive …
Arrived safely in China Rai – Polo…
And Lucky surveying a new landscape.

Their four cousins awaited their arrival.

Clockwise from top left: Kong (dog) and Thong Poon (bitch) are siblings, Naam Tarn (bitch) and Daa (dog) are also siblings – about 5 months old.
Being introduced …
“Sawadee-kah” said Lucky.

They are all about the same size so that was a help.

Lucky getting to know Thong Poon.

Every morning they wake up when the roosters crow. As a pack, they run out to the rice fields to survey the land

Naam Tarn and Daa
Swim in the muddy pond
Polo checking out a whole new world
Thong Poon and Naam Tarn sitting in the shade – watching what looks like Lucky and Polo in the distance checking out their new places.
Mum’s staring at Lucky’s very muddy legs! LOL!
Nam Tarn checking out Lucky’s leg too! She’s saying – I don’t even do that!
After a good wander, they return home …
Polo with muddy paws.
Time for breakfast.
Living a dog’s life!

And then it is nap time in the coolness of the cave-like spaces.

Polo, Lucky and Naam Tarn hanging out in the shade from the noon day sun.
Are you happy, Lucky?
You are going to be just fine!

And so this is how they will live from now on – freedom to roam, with fields to run and hardly any cars to be afraid of. They are probably a bit naive about the big world, but as a pack they will be safe. And Little Tyke and Mini Tyke will soon be up there for half term to be reunited.

May’s comment: This is for the better. Even though they live in a big house, there really wasn’t safe outdoor space for them to roam. There are busy roads and too much concrete. They need to expand their energy and to live freely. Thankfully they have an option.

Looks idyllic.

I will miss them when I visit. But maybe I will meet four more other dogs!


  1. Jill Keiser

    Looks like a perfect situation for Lucky and Polo!

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