Oh, it’s you again

Number 2 is back. 🙁

I do like Georgie but I also like my time with Mummy. So when Georgie came home last evening – after we’ve all been apart for a couple of days, I wasn’t very happy to see him.

I barked at him and Mummy told me to go time out. 🙁

I was sad and Mummy knew how I felt. IMG_9105We had a quiet moment. And Mummy told me she still loves me very much. But George is back and he’s staying.IMG_9107After that we all had huggies together.IMG_9111And by evening … well, I was still moping a little.IMG_9132Being a little stand-offish in the bed. But it was all soon forgotten.IMG_9138 Even forgave George for his bad breath!IMG_9137May’s comment: Dear ol’ Darcy still hopes that when George goes away that he will not return. So each time he turns up, she gets upset. Thankfully her bad mood lasts only during the time George rushes in the door with his tail wagging. Once he’s in, she then grunts and leaves him alone.


  1. Tracey

    Oh miss darcy, you know you love him really & you’ll always be your mummy’s number one!!
    I’ve just been on ILMC and realised I’d not heard of you all in a while on there – so here I am having a good catch up – glad to see all is well x

  2. Tracey

    Oh no…. Why not?
    Is it a forum rule of some sort??
    I need to subscribe to your blog to keep me updated!

    • Miss Darcy

      No, it’s just I was away using my laptop and I forgot my password and I requested a new one and then it didn’t work. So after requested a change, I came home and of course my desktop auto save isn’t relevant any more. I just need to sit down one day and follow it through. Was just wondering if you can ask Admin to help. If they can email me directly.

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