Olives? No, grazie!

Someone told us about Orso, another dog-friendly Italian – this time in Covent Garden.img_0895 We went down the stairs to the restaurantimg_0910 Interestingly the back of their menu has a picture of a mutt, but “Orso” in Italian means bear” –img_0901 Confusing? They explained it on the menu – it was named after a dog that lived in Venice, called Orso.img_0900 We sat down to enjoy a new restaurant we have not frequented together though Mummy said she had been there about 20 years ago!img_0896 When they asked Mummy if she wanted bread or olives, she chose olives.img_0905Well, that wasn’t very considerate – I preferred bread.

May’s comment:  The last time I was at Orso must have been in the mid 90’s – one of those business dinners, when it was a happening place.  We got a tip from someone that they had booked it for New Year’s Eve with their pooch – so I called them about lunch. They had to check if the day was busy, and it wasn’t so crowded so that was fine for us to dine there.

As always, it’s Italian – only a handful have refused dogs. So we’re adding Orso to our Wine & Dine list! (ORSO has closed permanently)

Orso is a traditional Italian restaurant offering a range of authentic regional dishes in a relaxed atmosphere in a modern basement of London’s busy Covent Garden. Located at 27 Wellington St, London WC2E 7DB



  1. Alison

    What a coincidence – like you we frequently used to eat at Orso in 80s
    Only the other day we called to see if they were dog friendly & like your friends have booked for NYE – there may end up being more dogs celebrating that night than hoomans

    • Miss Darcy

      That is great! I don’t know the people who gave me the heads up about Orso but look out for them and send me pics!

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