On our way to visit with Myrtle

We heard that Myrtle isn’t well. And Mummy thought we should go pay her a visit – to help cheer her up.

We went to take the train to Marlow from Marylebone Station. It was late afternoon and the commuters were all going home – so we had to sit quietly to wait for the platform to be announced.FullSizeRender_1 George looking at all those hurried feet rushing by us.FullSizeRenderWhen we got on the train, it was so packed, we both sat on Mummy’s lap the whole way.IMG_2614Actually, I was sitting on a seat with our overnight bag when a harried commuter made a comment: “I guess dogs are more important”  To which Mummy replied, “Yes, they are equally important.”

Others turned and smiled. The train was not yet full, but it train filled up, Mummy did offer my seat to a lovely gentleman who has a Border Terrier at home.  And he was thrilled to have George clambering for attention.  As for me, I was crushed between the window and Mummy!

We got to Marlow in time for supper so a quick stopover at Royal Oak.   IMG_2622 Ever so dog friendly and even someone there called George!IMG_2621Mummy had her first bubble and squeak – and I thought it looked good.IMG_2618 Anything for me?IMG_2620We finally got home to Niki’s and there was Myrtle – excited to see us! She had a waggy tail for us! We’ll spend some good time together.IMG_2626

May’s comment: This was an impulsive trip – just got back form Dubai the day before and now at the last minute, just jumped on a train to Marlow. FullSizeRender_2Myrtle is Niki’s dog. She’s 11 and having a second bout of tumour growth in her liver.  The vets have no idea what cancer it is and how long she will live. She has bad days and good days.



  1. Myrtle

    And it was great to see my friends darcy and George they cheered me and mum up.
    I had to explain to young George about manners once, but he’s a bright fellow and has been a great houseguest ever since. I shall miss them

  2. Maggie

    Dear Myrtle, I am v glad you enjoyed seeing your two friends, and I hope that you are feeling better and that you continue to do so. Lots of love from Sealea Blue. Xxx

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