One Direction Dog

We’ve always thought George is the secret sixth member of the boy band – at least in his running style.

Whenever he gets excited he goes around in circles – but always in one direction.

He used to also run in one direction – away from us! But he’s now doing well with recall – not a guarantee but he runs off and 80% of the time he comes back.

And then there’s that one instance when he decides to run in one direction! 🙂

Come to think of it – now that Zayn Malik has quit the band, Georgie, you might be just what they need – a One Direction Dog!
IMG_2033You’ve passed the cuteness test, the charm factor. Sing? Well, that’s a different story.

May’s comment:  He does his running around in circles whenever he gets excited about going out or when he’s waiting for his supper to be served. But always going round in one direction.

He used always run in one direction too – that is away from us. Being in the park was always chasing after him.  These days he runs in a big arc and his recall – pretty good! He has come a long way – but there’s still that one off moment. He’s George the Explorer!

The other day he almost ran onto the street only stopped by a biker who jumped off her bike and caught him.

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