One more photo, please

No strike day – next journey.

06.30 –  The alarm goes off.  We jumped off the very high bed. We spun around in excitement, rather George did.  We’re ready to leave. Are you?07.00 – Breakfast served, out to the garden for our morning relief.  Back for breakfast at the restaurant.And yes, we’re allowed to sit with our hoomans as they have breakfast.

There’s one more photo before we leave.08.00 – A G7 Taxi arrives to take us to Gare de Lyon. It was another beautiful Spring day – Mummy was watching the views as we drove along the Seineshe was feeling a little sad that we were leaving so soon. She didn’t get to see any of her friends. It was all very last minute so no planning. As we still had plenty of time to get to the station, Mummy thought we might as well stop at Notre Dame for a photo op! “Can we stop at Notre Dame? It’s on the way, isn’t it?”

For sure,” the taxi driver replied.

We took a detour, the taxi driver got out of the cab and we took one more photo before we left Paris.Well, that was a nice one for the memories.

08.37 – We arrived at Gare de Lyon. Mummy was not so familiar with this station and thankfully we were a bit early.  We needed to go to Hall 2 to catch the 09.17 train to Geneva.Why Geneva? Well, due to the SNCF strike, the regular trains were not running. The plan had been to take the direct train to Milano Centrale but we had to go via Geneva.

George was not comfortable on this train, he was panting but not as badly as he usually does in cars. Mummy was worried that he would start stressing out in trains too. There is no way we can travel with him anymore. It’s a bit stressful for Mummy too when he is anxious.

We arrived in Geneva at 12.26 – and with over an hour to spare, we had time for relief and Mummy bought a sandwich.  We sat outside on the steps in the sun.

13.39 – The last train for today but it was a long four hour journey. And happily George was no longer panting. Phew!  We think that when he gets attention, he forgets to pant. Because on this train journey, he sure got a lot of it.  He went seeking attention from the couple who sat across from us.  They asked his name and Mummy told him he’s George. “Big name for a little dog. Very English.”

“Yes,” Mummy said, “But he was named after George Clooney.”  To which the gentleman asked, “Does he like Nespresso?” LOL! And added, “He’s a lot better looking than Clooney.”

Dear George, you can be a handful but you are most definitely a charmer. He made his way to every passenger who wanted anything to do with him …He does have a big personality for a little guy. After having napped for three hours, I decided to see what was going onAnd decided to have a chance of scene,17.37 – Ciao Milano! Como stai? Siamo arrivato! Finalmente!!!!

We were met by Lorenzo from Piazza Matteoti Hotel at Milano Central station. Who promptly took Mummy’s bag and our leads. We made our way through the busy station to a waiting car.

We were ushered into the back of the carAnd George started panting, and I sat really close to Mummy as we drove to the Piazza Matteoti Hotel.Warm greetings by the staff 0n arrivalQuick check-in and we were shown to our room.There awaited us were two bowls of water and two bowls of treats with our names engraved on a tag.So, here we are – in Milano. It’s a short one night stay. We sent George off with Victoria, and Mummy’s friend Susan came to have dinner with us at the rooftop restaurant at the hotelwhere we can see the Duomo from the roof top terrace.

No Georgie tonight – just me and Mummy.

May’s comment: A little detour via Geneva but not for any worse. It was quite a relaxed journey even though we arrived later into Milan than if we travelled from London to Milano in one day. But never mind, we got here.

Tonight we hand over George to a very excited little girl who had been planning his visit for the past two months.  The plan is he will spend the weekend with Victoria and be totally spoiled by her.  It’s also helpful as I don’t think it will be easy to manage two dogs when in Venice. Besides the hotel in Venice was already freaking out that I don’t have a Chihuahua-sized dog. They made an exception for a non-small dog (well, I guess it depends on who is classifying it) as it is only April and not yet high season.

But that George, if he could he would have worked his way up and down the carriage. Charmed everyone!  And he looked at me as if to say – see, I am working my charm.




  1. Laura Cordovano

    You are my hero!

  2. Alison

    Enjoy Italy, i’m Looking forward to seeing if Darcy loves the gondolas

  3. Ellen

    Please try ai promessi sposi for cicchetti (of course dog friendly). It has the best spread of cicchetti. The place is full of local young venetians. Also al coco loves dogs for a more upscale Atmoshpere.

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