Un Parisien Soirée

Mummy decided she could not deal with a 12 hour overnight train ride from Nice to Paris and then getting on another train the next morning to Calais! She thought it would be fun to spend an evening in Paris. I thought – great idea! I was intrigued by the short taxi trip the other day when we had to go from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon.

So we got an earlier train than planned and arrived in Paris around 18.15, got into a taxi queue – and guess what – found out that not all taxis are keen to take dogs.  Mummy had an instinct to bring my tote bag – just in case and she did put it to good use. Into the tote bag I went – which is something I am used to.  I sit in it comfortably.  That way we got into a taxi sooner than we would have otherwise.  There was an lady before us who stood there for a log time waiting for a taxi who waved her over.

After we checked into the hotel, we rushed out to Trocadero – for our photo opp!  And we took a lot of pictures. The sun was setting so it made a nice background.

I was more interested in going to the park area.

1185352_10151792428016668_606433921_nHow do I look in my tote bag?

We rushed back to the hotel as it was getting late and went to dinner at Hotel Costes.

IMG_1871 IMG_1864


I got some hand me downs … love the bits of foie gras. And yes it’s ok, the vet says.


After a full meal, we walked around the streets to digest our food.  We walked to Place Vendome and saw some funny “art installation” – people standing around like the art work on the hoarding of The Ritz.



I am glad we got to spend some time here – but nowhere really to run.  But it was nice to walk around the streets of gay Paree!

May’s comment: So I find out the taxis are not dog friendly except when you find one that has a dog. For every taxi driver that takes dogs there are three that would not.  Restaurants are a lot more relaxed and so are the hotels – some more than others. Feel that the French hotels are more relaxed than the international brands.  Not a lot of places for dogs to run freely.


  1. Kathie Simmons

    Hi May, I have been following Darcy’s blog ‘tho this my first time to comment. From here, I get to see what’s going on with you and your whereabouts. Darcy is sooooo cute! We are in Interlaken with the family. I was showing this to Lindsay, James girlfriend, as she is crazy about Brian, James’s mutt. And also to Teagan, Justin’s girlfriend as they are heading to Paris this Saturday. Hugs to you and Darcy.

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Kathy, so nice to hear from you! And wow! Both boys with girlfriends – weren’t they just sleeping in my bed yesterday?!?!?!
      Thanks for sharing – and would be great if you can subscribe – it’s a two step process. I’m trying to build followers! Trying to reach 100. Right now at 55.

  2. Lizzi

    Absolutely love your blog!
    Since I discovered it last week I’ve been looking forward to the updates each day!
    We got our first cockapoo this year and like you I’m smitten with him 🙂
    Keep up the great blogs and hugs to Miss D xx

    • Miss Darcy

      I think cockapoo owners are crazy and special – I never thought I could love a four legged being as much as I do.
      I am glad you enjoy reading our blog. Wonder if you would like to subscribe to it – not for anything except I am trying to reach 100 followers (at 55 right now) – it’s not a big number and there are no commercial ambitions – just something to make me feel like what I am doing each day is worth the effort. It’s a two step process – you enter your email on the right side of a post and press subscribe. Then they send you an email and you need to confirm that it’s you. If you don’t – it’s ok too. Because I just really enjoy writing it.

  3. Lizzi

    Will do! X

  4. Hi, I have just found your blog and love it, my cockapoo Louis looks very much like Darcy and I fully understand your love for her as I never thought I could love a dog as much as I love Louis. I love to read of your adventures and you are very brave to take him to all the places you do. It give me more confidence to try and take Louis to more places. I will watch out for your new updates and it will give me some good bedtime reading:) better than a book, hey maybe you should write one! give Darcy a big cuddle from me:) xx

    • Miss Darcy

      Thank you Ann. Thank you for reading and thank you for your encouragement. I started to blog because several friends had asked if I had ever considered a book – so your comment further pushes me in that direction. I think I hope that someone reading it will find me. I did not want this to be commercialised as this is written out of love and passion for Miss Darcy. But you have given me encouragement to pursue if it happens. BTW, I am looking for Darcy’s brothers – have posted it on forums and no one had responded. 🙁

      • Aw that would be nice to find her siblings, Louis originally came from Rosedale Doodles in Preston but at 7 month old his owners were having family problems and advertised him for re homing. We called them and explained we worked from home and could offer him a loving permanent home, we traveled from the North east to Liverpool to collect him, he was very bewildered at first but has settled well and is such a loving boy, he is now 19 month old and the time has flown. He is very much loved by all the family. I will put his picture on the cockapoo facebook page:) I have forwarded your blog to other people so hopefully they will subscribe too x

        • Miss Darcy

          Thank you Ann. I am sure within this very tight cockapoo community, I will find her siblings one day.
          I think it’s lovely when we can bring home unwanted pups and show them they can find love. Puppies in particular are so cute but not for everyone. I can’t say I was naturally one of them – it took me two months before I realised I had fallen in love.
          Look forward to seeing picture of Louis. Are you on Darcy’s FB page?
          And thank you for forwarding this to your friends. x

          • I was sad that I missed his puppy stage but because of the upheavel in his life he did have toilet accidents for quite a while after I got him but he is very good now and I can trust him completly, I do look after a freinds cockapoo a few days a week while her mum and dad are at work which is good company for Louis.
            I have put a couple of photos on the Cockapoo owners club facebook page titled pictures for May & Darcy x you may have to scroll down to find them:) x

          • Miss Darcy

            OK, will find them! Thanks!

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