Other sorts of Poos!

This is a Siberpoo!

Besides us Cockers, Springers, Cavaliers, Maltese, Labradors and Golden Retriever mixed with Poodles – when we more or less look quite similar despite the other half being different – some of the poodle mixes are quite, quite different!

In an article on Huffington Post about 19 adorable cross breeds,  five of them are poodle mixes but looking quite different to us. Interesting thing is they don’t even mention us regulars any more – we must be quite common by now!

HOWAifoYorkie Terrier and Poodle – Yo-yo poo, Yorkiedoodle or Yorkiepoo

mOju1pQSiberian Husky and Poodle – Siberpoo

9ztMScuHalf corgi and half poodle – Corgipoo (wonder if the Queen would like one!)

Tddv0 A Pug and a Poodle – Pugapoo

fO0YSA poodle and a schnauzer – Schnoodle

May’s comment: 19 Adorably Awkward Cross Breeds – an indication maybe that pedigree touting institutions might be recognising crosses.

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