Our last “just you and me” day, our first walk

Today is my last day of “just me and Mummy” before the big sister comes crashing through the door.

We had a little snuggle – I like pushing my paw against Mummy’s face to wake her up.

IMG_3435 Up yet?IMG_3429 A big yawnIMG_3439 Hmmm, the sun’s upIMG_3441 Another beautiful dayIMG_3442 So Mummy dearest …IMG_3437 How about we go out for a walk?IMG_3438 Hooray! We did it! Our first walk since Mummy came home IMG_3462 We walked all the way to LOMAX where they promised …IMG_3455 So in we wentIMG_3451 For something healthyIMG_3447 Carrot, apple and ginger to make things better!IMG_3450 We were walking along and arrived home – and who turned up at our gate? JAFFA!!!!!! with her nanny!!! Oh happy day!!!IMG_3467So off we went for another playdate … because Mummy wanted to have some Darcy-n-Mummy time. Oki-doke! I’m off to play with Jaffa!

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  1. Cecilia

    Glad that everyone’s is almost back to their routine!

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