Our Morning Routine

It takes a lot of effort for Mummy to get up early but since her days are never routine, she decided that we should have one before the day began.

So when the alarm goes off at 6:30am every morning, we begin our day. Sometimes Mummy makes it out the door by 7:00am, sometimes 7:30am. It’s not any earlier because Gail’s isn’t open till 7:00am and the little treat is a decaff cappuccino to go – as I await patiently outside the door.


Then to further incentivise her, she takes a quick cab ride to Kensington Gardens. We can take the 49 Bus but it is such a long and convoluted route that by the time we waited for it and went on the bus, it would be the same time as walking there, though less strenuous.  The idea here is to get to the park as the sun rises – to catch the first glimpses of the day.


This is our cab driver one morning. He has a cocker spaniel and asked why Mummy decided to get a cross breed like me.  Well, Mummy didn’t stop with two points but on and on! 🙂

I get very excited when I am about to get into the park so I pull a lot!!!  I don’t listen well at this point.  I am pulling as we cross the street.  When I’ve finally pulled and Mummy had tugged our way into the park, I then have to sit – reluctantly …


…. before I am allowed to run FREEEEEE!



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