Our own Cover Girl!

We have a Miss Hungary on the January issue of Dogs Today!  Hooray!

You see this cover girl, she’s called Jessie, and she came from the same country as I once did. She too was found in a Killing Station by rescuers and Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue took her from a one-way door to sure death if no one came for her.

Her now forever home is in the UK.  It took her awhile to come out of her shutdown mode. Today she now no longer fear for her every action there’s a reaction.

Jessie, we sure are two lucky dawgs!  Have a good life and let’s hope there are many more who will no longer have to fear for their daily existence.

May’s comment: Jessie and her owner were at DogFest this year (so were we!) and she won the competition to be Dogs Today cover girl. Was just reading her story in January’s issue of Dogs Today.  They think she might have belonged to a home before she was thrown into a Killing Station. From what I gathered, strays and street dogs who tend to have less human contact, and therefore have not been consistently bullied or harmed are more confident with humans.  In the case of George, he has no fear when it comes to people. He doesn’t shy away from anyone, but he is afraid of vehicles that have obviously frightened him as he tried to survive on the streets. Loud noises scare him – even the sound of opening a container that contains his food.  From the sounds of Jessie’s behavioural issues, she was probably mistreated and eventually abandoned.  She could have been handed into one of Hungary’s Killing Stations because they didn’t want her any more. She will never be able to tell us about that “missing part” of her life story. Thankfully, the shelters in Hungary are working tirelessly to save as many dogs as they can from sure death when not claimed.

Jessie is one of hundreds of dogs that Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue has successfully rescued and re-homed in the UK and now further abroad.  I had the pleasure of getting to know them because of George.

There are many versions of Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue – Spain, Greece, Croatia, Romania, etc, etc. and would love to be able to help all of them in their gallant efforts – simply for the love of dogs. Why do we help dogs from abroad? Dogs know no boundaries and any life saved is a life. Many of these dogs cannot be rehomed in the countries they come from simply because the culture of dogs in these countries are not the same as how we know it to be.  There’s no certainty that when rehomed the dogs could be abandoned again.

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