The Hannibal Lecter Look

We’re leaving early tomorrow for the south of France.  We’re going through our check list before departure:

– summer groom (because it’s really hot down there)IMG_1550

– de-worming pill at the vet (as we’re only going for less than five days, I can get this done here rather than at a French vet)

– updated passport

– my raw food to last through the long weekend

– water bowl

– a towel, my brush and some shampoo just in case I get all mucky

– poo bags

– and a muzzle!  Apparently French trains requires all dogs not in a crate to wear a muzzle when on the trains. Mummy bought a Trixie muzzle that is the least Hannibal Lecter looking.  Still not a good look.


The journey will be a very looooooong one – all day travel.  But it will be fun!!!

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