Monogrammed Pillowcases

Mummy’s in L.A. and she got these pillowcases specially monogrammed for me!!!

So now I can lay claim to my side of the bed before Little Tyke comes and sleeps there again!

The hotel thought I was travelling with Mummy so they prepared my bed, water and food for me! I now also have my own personalised towel!  Mummy loves The Peninsula – now she is totally bowled over!!!


Check out the Fiji water and my personalised towel.  The best is the before dinner aperitif – Tail Shakin’ not Stirred Martini!  And we have our own doggy room service menu.  This is truly five star plus plus plus for us doggies!


May’s comment: The Peninsula Hotel just made my day/stay. The thoughtfulness and care. Now the challenge is how do I get Darcy over to L.A.! She would love it here but maybe not the flight.


  1. Laura Cordovano

    Would loved to have seen Darcy. But don’t they have quarantine regulations going back to London?

    • Miss Darcy

      We have a EU passport which certifies she has all the right inoculations. No quarantine required. We were in the States last Sept.

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