Please help Willow’s owners with their e-petition

When we posted about finding Willow’s remains last week, we saw an outpouring of grief, love, anger and disbelief at the outcome.  Willow’s decomposed body was cremated yesterday.

Willow’s owners had approached the police to investigate the dreadful and suspicious circumstances in which she was found.

There were a number of occurrences which proved foul play was at hand here – one of which was the fact that her microchip was not present.  It is against the law in the UK to mistreat a dog.

Also, despite there being a spate of recent dog thefts in the area, Bedfordshire Police have advised twice that they will not launch an investigation because no-one actually saw Willow being taken.

Hayley and Ross have now started an e-petition to force an investigation on the obvious criminal cruelty that occurred after her abduction.

Can I please ask my friends in the U.K. or anywhere in the world (just found out you can!) to take a moment to Sign petition to get Bedfordshire Police to investigate this case on

So that we can help to prevent another dog theft – just so Willow’s death may come to help others.


  1. gina mcintyre

    There is more and more cruelty going on these days and this must be stopped and the punishment for cruelty needs to be increased !!! Therefore an investigation needs to be opened on this poor family of willow.

  2. Julia Bates

    We’ve signed it. Great to see over 1,700 have signed it too. X

  3. Alison

    Signed it too. Let’s hope Hayley and Ross find their answers

  4. Lin

    I’ve signed and shared this. Hayley and Ross need and deserve to find out what happened to their beautiful Willow. This has affected all of us so god knows how they are coping.
    Please sign to help them get answers.
    RIP at rainbow bridge beautiful girl until you are reunited with your mum and dad x

  5. We hope they get answers.

  6. Sue

    This needs to stop, so mindless and cruel

  7. Tricia Dickens

    It is imperative these people are found, by not looking for them the police are endorsing animal cruelty.

  8. Judith Vogel

    How and where to sign the partition?

  9. Karen Barrington birchall

    These people need to be found and brought to justice.

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