Poster Girl!

I’m a poster girl for Sara Abbott’s new charity campaign – West Yorkshire Dogs Rescue!Sara painted this portrait of me – she’s an amazing artist but she also uses art to help. With every portrait commissioned, £100 goes to her charity of choice at that period – I think you can also suggest some other if you chose to do so. When I had my portrait done, we learnt about Nowzad Dogs and so my portrait went towards that charity.

May’s comment: Dog rescue is hard work. As Sara states – it’s “hard, smelly, upsetting and potentially dangerous” – and I am already a failed fosterer being so touched by those faces of desperation – for loving, for a home, for food. There are so many other ways to do our bit for it and while I wanted so much for Sara to paint Darcy’s portrait, it also made me feel good that it was also going to help a charity.flyer back smaller

Yesterday was the launch os Sara’s new fund raising campaign. Since she moved to Todmorden she had found an organisation to support locally –  West Yorkshire Dog Rescue.

Check out Sara Abbott’s website



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  1. Fiona Weller

    lovely portrait of Darcy

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