Die letzte Deutsche Kaiserin und Königin von Preußen

We visited Potsdam yesterday and whilst walking the grounds of Sanssoucci Park we found this pedestal which has inscribed on it Auguste Victoria. After some research Mummy found out that was the last German empress and queen of Prussia.

So I appropriately stood on the pedestal!

At the park there were ever so many palaces and castles.  We weren’t allowed off our leads which was mighty frustrating for me and George.IMG_6811 But Vicky, who’s been hoping to have a dog of her own someday came to walk with us – and she made it more fun by running with us. IMG_6790 IMG_6791 IMG_6797The grounds were beautiful and I could smell the squirrels and yet I wasn’t allowed to chase them – partly because there were lots of people and bicycles who sometimes went too fast!

Anyway, we walked past many beautiful palaces.IMG_6784 IMG_6814 IMG_6841IMG_6851 IMG_6872Er, what are you doing stark naked up there on a column?
IMG_6829Now doesn’t that look like an Agility tunnel for me to run through?IMG_6870‘t were tired from the walking so we were very glad when the humans decided to sit down for coffee and cakes. Little George was really quite beside himself with all this excitement.

IMG_6859And got hugs from Renate IMG_6855May’s comment: A beautiful day to visit Potsdam, just outside of Berlin.  Both Darcy and George were sufficiently tired.


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