Quincy’s not coming home, Mimi.

It was a message that Mum was dreading for awhile and it finally came.

Yesterday we had to let our little boy Quincy cross over the rainbow bridge. His little kidneys no longer did their job and he couldn’t eat any more. He had no appetite and nothing we tried worked. He spent two days in ICU but we knew that we shouldn’t;t prolong his life as he would just be suffering. Our heartbreak is unbearable right now and how do you explain to his sister that he isn’t coming back when she is looking for him everywhere?

Mum met the Miami Malteses – Quincy and Mimi a few times on her visits.

Quincy and Mimi are brother and sister rescues. They had a rough start in life. A woman had bought them from a pet shop when they were eight weeks old but soon realised she couldn’t handle taking care of them. They were given away to a family member who kept them for three months and then decided she didn’t want them either.

They were about to be sent to a shelter when Sylvia got a call from her ‘rescue sister’ friend who asked if she could foster them. She and Jack dropped everything and went to pick them up.

Within hours of meeting them, Sylvia knew they would be her kids.

But they were nervous wrecks – jittery and confused. Mimi was in heat and Quincy was undernourished – which is why he was quite a bit smaller than Mimi.

But that was because Quincy always protected his sister – from the hairdryer, from strangers and he always let Mimi have his food whenever she wanted.

When Mum went to visit, Mimi quickly went to investigate who this new person was that had come into their home. But Quincy – he wasn’t so sure and hesitated.

Eventually his curiosity got the better of him and they both ended up on Mum’s bed.

As for Mum, well I think this is A.D. (After Darcy) Mum –

He may be small but he had a big personality. Quite the talker/barker! LOL!

And then last year his kidneys failed him – he went through three days of dialysis, and IV fluids twice a day. He had only 25% kidney function.

He needed special foods and lots of meds for nausea, and probiotics for kidney health. But he wasn’t in pain and he was happy.

Then in early April, he stopped eating and there was nothing they could do. They took him to the hospital and he spent two nights in ICU. The vets couldn’tt do any more and they knew it was time to let him go.

Because of the corona virus, Sylvia and Jack couldn’t go inside the hospital. They carried him out to the car, and he fell asleep in Sylvia’s arms, close to her heart. And then they took him away.

Mimi went looking for Quincy the days following. She didn’t know why he wasn’t there with her.

A few days later when Quincy came home, Mimi found his box of ashes.

And there she sat for a long while, mourning her brother. ๐Ÿ™

She knew he was home.

May’s comment: Sylvia had told me about Quincy’s kidney failure. I was scheduled to be in NY in early April and thought to drop in to see the Miami Malteses. But this Corona Virus thing stopped all flying. And then the text message from Sylvia.

Rest in peace, little one. You were dearly loved. If I can I would put a HUGE band-aid on your mum and dad’s broken hearts.

You were so precious in your fragile way.

Miss you Quincy. Miss you A LOT!

7 August 2006 – 19 April 2020



    Oh how heartbreaking May. These beautiful little creatures steal our hearts and when they leave us, the pain is unbearable. I dread the day. ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿพโค๏ธ

  2. Suzanna

    I lost my cat, Cody, almost a month ago. The pain is unbearable and my house is empty without him. He will forever be in my heart. Iโ€™m so sorry for your loss. You gave him a wonderful life of love and security.

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