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Yum! Yum! Today we have another delivery of my raw food from Honey’s Real Dog Food (was I eating fake food before?) This time we have beef, pork, duck, lamb and some cheesy biscuits and venison liver treats! We also sometimes have chicken and rabbit as well. But no horse meat! πŸ™‚

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May’s comment: Darcy had a sensitive stomach, apparently quite typical of cockapoos especially in their first year – that’s what I’ve heard when walking in the parks. They pick up bugs, viruses during their walks. They take awhile to adapt to new foods but Darcy was also a picky eater. We started off with Lily’s Kitchen – after awhile she didn’t like it very much. I am sure if I kept at it she would have eaten it anyway, but being a first time dog owner, I was worried that she was’t eating. We switched to James Wellbeloved which she ate willingly but was told there isn’t a whole lot of nutrients in it – so I switched her to Orijen – which was apparently too rich. Then we tried Canagan’s which she gulped down all too quickly. Throughout the trials, Darcy was excreting more than her intake – how could that be possible? Someone told me it’s because the food expands in the stomach. She was also drinking a lot of water after eating dried food. If you’re wanting to find the appropriate dog food and feeding routine for your particular breed of dog, you may find sites like kyrapets.com and more, very informative and beneficial.

During one of the many conversations with other dog owners about our doggie’s poo – someone told me about a raw food diet by this company called Honey’s Real Dog Food. After awhile I started to hear more and more people talking about them.

The concept is that dogs and their wolf ancestors have been eating raw food for thousands of years and that their teeth and digestive systems are designed for it. So it’s back to basics – which makes sense. So we gave it a try – anything that can help with Darcy’s digestive problems.

The ground up raw meat with all sorts of vegetables are packed into sausage rolls. They are frozen and delivered to your home in a box each month – so sufficient freezer space required.


Rolls and rolls raw meat!

The selection includes chicken, duck, pork, wild rabbit, beef and lamb. We select what we want for each order every month, alter the portions when necessary. For example when Darcy is out in the country and running a lot, she eats a bit more. When she’s in the city, and not exercising as much, she eats a bit less.

To serve we have to defrost a roll the day before.

At the first serving, Darcy wasn’t so sure. She hesitated and did not consume the whole portion which is unusual for such a greedy dog. I thought maybe it’s the pork she doesn’t like. But by the second roll (beef), she was gobbling it all up. And when I gave her pork again, she was absolutely fine. Interestingly she also eats slower. When she was on dry dog food, she inhaled them in seconds. It does make it less convenient for her when she goes to stay with someone else – which is not often.

It has made a significant difference for Darcy and am glad she’s really taken to it. In short she absorbs most of the nutrients and her poo are consistent and dry. And amazingly she has also lost weight and a lot more active. For awhile she had gained weight and would get tired walking home after a run in the park. So now she’s back to squeezing through fences chasing squirrels.

Of course this all depends on how your dog reacts to different foods, dependant on their breed or any previous medical conditions, so be sure to check out all types of foods for your own pet and how they could benefit from them. Companies and websites always have plenty of information on them like this doggo eats review of pure balance dog food.

Find out more about it on www.honeysrealdogfood.com.

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