Ready to roll?

We’re all set and ready to roll!  We are leaving for our Christmas break – going to Norway for a cruise along the fjords.  

This is on Mummy’s list of things to do but she chose to do it during the winter rather than the long summer days because she wanted to see the Northern Lights (we pray she will see it during the 12 long nights!!!), experience Polar Nights (there will be plenty of that) and a White Christmas – that’s a definite unless global warming decided to take over!

So we’re all packed … we have our fuchsia Equafleeces, our Christmas jumpers, our snow booties, scarves and hats! Food – a bit of an issue but we will wing it, Mummy said!  We’re bringing small tubes of Honey’s and then find butchers at every town – added to it, some Nineteen 87 baked food – which seems to be doing well for us in our trial period. But when we get on the cruise, we have Lily’s packets of food to see us through if she can’t find us raw food – and Nineteen 87.

For once, Mummy is travelling with a LARGE suitcase …Half the bag are our gear and food. The other half, Mummy’s!  Well, there are two of us!!!

As always, there are so many last minute things to do that she found this Vet Service, Paw Squad that saved her a few hours of the day – and because we needed the vet visit to be as close to the time of departure.  We found out that even though we’re travelling through Europe, Norway’s pet travel regulations is more like the UK’s and require us to be de-wormed not more than five days before arrival. That is usually not required for our travels to all the European countries we’ve been to.  As we are taking the train via Hamburg and Copenhagen before arriving in Oslo, we had to be sure, we were within the time limit.

So Dr. Sinead came along to our home – first a cuddleand then checked our microchip and gave us our deworming pills. We got weighed!(Mummy was very glad she didn’t have to stand on the scales! LOL!)  And I’m weighing exactly 10kg! And George at exactly 6kg.

Mummy told Dr. Clancy about George’s “wart” or rather confirmed it was a wart and not anything more as Mummy’s been a little concerned.George seems to be prone to warts.

But I have the same thing too – strangely.She filled in the passport requirement. And now we’re ready to go!No, don’t worry, Camilla – Jaffa’s not coming with us! LOL!

May’s comment:  On all our travels to Europe we never needed deworming except for when we re-enter the UK. Thank goodness for Norwegian friends in the UK who informed us that Norway is like the U.K. and requires deworming within five days before entry.

Thankfully, our departure from the UK tonight and arrival in Norway on the 17th is within the max 5 days.

With so much to do to get ready, I was very intrigued by Paw Squad, a mobile vet service, or rather home visit, when we were at the Primrose Hill dog show.

One side of their business is being able to chat to a vet for advice, 24/7, through our app.  These consultations are available wherever you are in the world – good to know for when we are on the road.

The other side brings the vet to you – literally to your home.  For most routine care, vaccinations included, they will examine and treat your pet in the comfort of your home. In the case that your pet needs surgery or advanced diagnostics, they work with their partner practice in your local area to carry this out. Darcy is very chilled going to the vets but when either George or Darcy goes to the vet, they are literally shaking with fear.

Been so busy with work and getting ready on our marathon trip that every minute mattered, I called on Paw Squad to do the obligatory vet check before they travelled.  So today, Dr. Sinead Clancy, a vet from Paw Squad came along to do their health checks with deworming, microchip check and signed off their passport while I was busy finishing up packing.

I’m now a big fan!  If you have a question about their service, contact Paw Squad.

About Paw Squad:

PawSquad was founded in 2015 by a team of pet lovers that wanted to make looking after your pet simple and stress-free, by providing home visits from the best vets in the UK. Their vets will come to your house and see your cat, dog or other companion animal, offering both examinations and treatments in your home.

How does it work?

A fully-qualified vet will come to your house at a time to suit you, including mornings, evenings and weekends. On average, visits lasts around 30-40 minutes (plenty of time for Buster and his new family vet to get acquainted) and can cover anything from a nose that won’t stop sneezing and itchy paws, to those all important yearly vaccinations. Any medicines can be delivered direct to your door.

PawSquad allows you the time to build a relationship with your vet, so they can get to know your pet and all their niggles. The PawSquad app keeps track of their appointments, consult notes and pet medical history and can be downloaded to your phone. But what if things get more serious? PawSquad vets work with local partner practices so emergency treatment, surgeries and advanced diagnostics are as accessible as they are in a bricks and mortar vet.

Can I talk to someone out of hours?

PawSquad’s app puts a ‘vet in your pocket’. Their network of vets (not just in London; they stretch from Edinburgh to Southampton) are available via video and text message for round the clock consultations and support when you need it most. This service is available on your smartphone, tablet or computer and costs £15.

Where do I sign up?

PawSquad has limited pet places available in London, so hop to it if you want to get on their books (you can register now so you’re all set for when you need them). Home-based consultations cost from £48 depending on postcode (with no call out fees).


Phone: 020 3697 0241



  1. Sian Widner

    I can’t wait to see pics of your adventures and Darcy and George’s outfits! Have a great time!!

  2. Cheryl

    Safe travels! Excited to see photos of your adventures! I do think you are a brave lady, May! traveling with 2 pups is quite an adventure in itself, even with 2 as well behaved/trained as Darcy and George!

  3. Linda Strallen

    Bon Voyage to you all. What an adventure I cannot wait to hear all about it when you get back.

  4. Deborah

    Have an amazing adventure. Can’t wait to see your snaps. Have fimun & take care 💙🐾💖🐾

  5. Alison Mullett

    Bon voyage the intrepid trio! We will look forward to your updates x

  6. Karen Sherer

    Have a fantastic holiday. Which cruise company allows you to take dogs on board please? xxx

  7. Elizabeth Burman

    Travel safely and have a wonderful Christmas adventure. I do love your little boots.❤️

  8. Emma

    Great info on traveling and vet – have fun and post lots of pics – especially of the cruise – would be good to know which company welcomes you guys x

  9. Wendy

    Enjoy Hamburg. I have family there and it’s almost a second home to me!
    Enjoy the cruise too! How fabulous to be going to Norway at this time of year. Seeing the Northern lights is on my wish list too.
    Which ship are you cruising with? Queen Mary 2?
    Have a lovely time and take care, all of you x

  10. Maria

    Oh fantastic! Thank you for the information. It looks like PawSquad are in my area. My nervous furball Louie could do with a home visit as it is truly a nightmare dragging him to the vets. Will be registering with Sinead as I can see she is accepting new patients. Safe travels and look forward to tracking your adventures! xxx

    • Miss Darcy

      She’s fab! So kind and gentle. Will you tell her that you heard about them through us? You might want to tell her that she left her packet of dewormers at mine and George ate a Millebemax! He seems to like his deworming tablets! 😄

  11. Ellen

    You might want to look into ziwi peak which is a dehydrated food. I feed raw at home but use ziwi peak for traveling. There is also Orijen dehydrated raw patties. But my dog prefers ziwi peak. Oh ziwi peak is also sending out sample packets right now just pay the cost of postage.

  12. Ellen

    Oops I meant orijen is freeze dried raw. Ziwi peak is air dried.

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