Rules are NOT meant to be broken!

We were so excited when we arrived at The Scarlet hotel – Mummy dumped her bags in the room and we went in search of the path that led to the beach. After all that’s why we’re here!

Once off the leash, we raced down the sloping coastal garden …

And charged down the narrow path  After a nice long run, we made our way up the hillside.  We sat down in the coastal garden to appreciate the viewFrolicked aboutBefore heading back to our room.

As the sun was setting, we sat together on the terrace.Finally after the sun had set, we went to our room for a rest before dinner. That was when Mummy sat down to read the literature left in the room for us. And one of them was titled “For Dog Owners“.  Mummy glanced over the rules for dogs at the hotel and felt terribly embarrassed at how many of them we had broken on our first day!

  • Dogs must not be allowed on or in your bed or on the furniture at any time. 

Oops! We were just having a photo op.At least Mummy had put a blanket on the chair where I preferred to sit.

  • There are lots of stunning walks and places Dogs can run off the lead but please pop them on a lead at all times in the hotel or its grounds. Oops! We explored the coastal garden …We charged down the garden to the gate.When we came back from the beach, Mummy was tired from all the steps so she let us into the hotel

We ran up the stairs
We knew our room was just at the top !

When we were outside on the terrace,  We sat on the furniture – maybe this is ok.But we were snooping (off leads) around wondering what others were doing on the terrace.

  • Dogs can swim on the beach at any time of year but our outdoor pool is for our guests only so please don’t let your dogs swim there.I did check it out but I didn’t go in!!! Phew! That would have been a big no-no!

Well, it was too bad for us that she read the rules before bedtime …We were a little confused when she told us we had to sleep on the cushions. We kept trying all night waking her up and asking to go on the bed and each time as she told us – “NO!!! Go back to your bed.” Very confused!

We were better behaved the next couple of days except for the one time when George flipped his switch again.  As we were walking back from the beach off lead, he ran into a neighbouring house and wouldn’t come back. And somehow he slipped into The Scarlet and he darted around all over the coastal garden. He just wouldn’t come back. We had to ask a gardener to help us catch him. By then he had darted back to the garden next door. The gardener had to go through the gate to get there but George went to her. I think he was mad that Mummy left him at reception and he wanted to annoy her. Naughty George – as always.

May’s comment: Oh dear! Whenever we stay at any of the dog-friendly hotels, we choose to respect their rules – so we don’t give dogs a bad name! In this instance, we broke quite a few of them unknowingly.

All that said, the good news – dogs are allowed on the beach at Mawgan Porth year round. Most beaches are closed to dogs from May-September.

And we found the place where we can wash and dry the dogs after our walk! We did one thing right!!!

It wasn’t all bad – we didn’t cause distress. Instead they got lots of play time and pats George’s story was told again and again because many asked what he is.  They were also absolutely fine being left in the room. I had to leave the “Shhh” sign on the door just in case the cleaning staff entered and had a surprise of their lives!

I think we’ll be allowed back. 😉



  1. Margaret Danks

    Looks like you had lots of fun. Did you venture across to the beach very dog friendly Inn? We will be going back again this year but in the winter months. I don’t think I could cope with the summer tourists !

    • Miss Darcy

      No we didn’t because we were so well fed and so much to do at the hotel we had no time to any more than walk the beach. But we’ll be back.

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