Run, run, run

I was a little podgy for awhile. Mummy was being generous with food … and treats! ūüôā Yum! Yum!

She was told that treats are the culprit but as you know we dogs do not do anything without treats. So what to do? Especially since I needed to weigh under 10kg before we embarked on our trip to Malta. After a stricter diet, I was hovering at 9.8kgs.

Then she found out about this App to help gauge the amount of exercise I needed.  She entered my weight, my age and type of dog I am. Then when we went out for walks, she starts the App to gauge how much time I had to run Рfor a dog my size, my age, my breed Рto burn off the fat.

We found out that with about 2-3 hours of walking and running each day, I was doing the right amount of exercise.   So off I went Рthree days a week I was off to the park for 3 hour play time.  This part of the losing weight plan is working out to my idea of fun!

I chased balls – I am usually the fastest …IMG_5550 IMG_5551 IMG_5552 But I let Humphrey have a go every now and then …IMG_5549But if someone else gets the ball,IMG_5553Humphrey teases me! Not nice, Humphrey!

Rain or shine – I was out there – shedding off the weight.
IMG_5554I don’t look very pretty when I am drenched.IMG_5556But if we have¬†Georgie with us,¬†he doesn’t know how to play fetch so we play together. No balls, less crazy running.

Or we would do¬†the window shopping or as Mummy calls it – the “retail therapy” walk along the high streets and all sorts of shopping streets – usually for about 2 hours before¬† Mummy stops to replenish but we don’t get anything – she thinks she’s being strict with us. ¬†This part of the plan isn’t working out for me! ūüôĀ

Anyway, almost three weeks following the App program, I did get down to 9.55 kg before we left for our trip. Hooray! Results!

But when we got to Malta after all those treats for being good on the ferry and plane, and two days of no exercise, I got back up to 9.8kg again!!! Oops!  Almost was not allowed back on the plane.

Mummy’s goal for me is 9.5 kg and maintain it. ¬†For me, it just means lots of time in the park – I like that. It actually becomes more of a disciplinary role for Mummy to refrain from giving me the extras. ¬†She gives in all the time. All I have to do is to give her one of my looks. ūüôā

P.s. Mummy, come run along with me and refrain from treating yourself Рwe will both be in better shape.  LOL!

May’s comment: ¬†Others have mentioned that Darcy’s a bit rotund but defensive me said she’s not. But I was very conscious of her weight and she easily crept over 10 kg. The vet had said she should be around 9.8 kg at the most, ideally at 9.5 kg.

Then I learnt about the WALTHAM S.H.A.P.E test – a simple, easy and reliable tool for owners to assess the body condition of their dog. ¬†First to run¬†their fingertips against the direction of their dog’s coat and are asked whether they can feel the ribcage? Following this answer, a series of questions are asked which helps to assess whether your dog is:¬†Very thin,¬†Thin,¬†Lean,¬†Ideal,¬†Mildly overweight,¬†Overweight.

As it turns out, Darcy is mildly overweight! – as described by Waltham S.H.A.P.E. (Size, Health, Age, Physical Evaluation)

Your dog is at the upper end of the ideal range with a small amount of excess body fat.
Recommendation: …¬†consider increasing activity levels. Avoid excessive treats and monitor monthly …”

Sounds like we’re on the right track!

Then someone told me about the Pedigree¬ģ Tracks app for dogs – a bit like what we humans have for counting steps, etc. Thought I’d give it a try¬†and¬†then realised how much exercise she really needed. The personalised App takes into consideration her weight, her size/build and her age. ¬†As it turned out, her two-hour retail therapy walks along high street shopping was not¬†enough for her but a four¬†hour run around in the park was a bit too much. So on days when she’s out a lot, she’s knackered.

But obviously it is not all about exercise. Besides her raw food diet, I make sure her treats are monitored and in some cases, her rewards for doing something is down to just “high-pitched voice” praises. It’s only when I am trying to teach her something new that’s when the treats come into effect.

The primary objective of the app Pedigree Tracks is to help tackle the growing issue of dog obesity in the UK today, through clear and simple education on nutrition and owner engagement around the appropriate amount of exercise.

It’s a good gauge for how much Darcy needed to exercise and how much food she needs to maintain an ideal weight – for her health more than anything else because I thought she looked perfect!

You can download your own Pedigree Tracks here.



  1. Judith Vogel

    Thanks for all the get fit tips!
    Love the action shots too!
    Keep up the good work!!
    Judith and licks from Bennie

  2. Rowena

    Very interesting. I’m always wondering if my poo is the right weight/size, so hard to see under all the fluff!! Might have to give that app a go, though it seems I have been conditioned to respond with a negative to anything connected to pedigree! Did you use their nutrional advice May? As you are raw feeding and it’s so opposite to the food that pedigree makes?

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