Running in the Rain

Whoopee! We went to Regent’s Park!  

First to meet Rusty at home. Here is Rusty not too happy about his raincoat but it’s raining outside!

IMG_1846 Then we walked down the High Street and saw these two sheep.IMG_1848 And here we are at Regent’s Park – both of us in our rain coats!IMG_1850 Why don’t we get a little muddy along the way?IMG_1854 Oh look! Another puddle!IMG_1855 But let’s run on the green, green and very wet grass!IMG_1858 What? You want us to go on the paved walkway?IMG_1859 OK then … wow! Look at what’s ahead of us – buildings and big busy street.IMG_1860On the lead? You mean we’re not allowed in the formal gardens?IMG_1867

And what about this sweet little cafe? No, we’re not stopping here? Martine wants to take us to a nice restaurant? Cool!IMG_1863May’s comment: We haven’t walked through Regent’s Park – so this was fun even in the rain. The dogs were pretty muddy even with their rain coats, they were wet!

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