Rusty, you are such a boy!

We were running nicely around the greens when Rusty spotted a muddy puddle … and in he goes!  IMG_3518Then he comes out and runs after his Mummy!

In the meantime, Mummy was shouting at me – “No! Darcy! Don’t you dare!” So I didn’t.

Here’s Rusty out of muddy puddle with black boots on his feet.IMG_3521 And then he started to roll on the ground while I watched in amusement.IMG_3512 He didn’t stop!IMG_3513 Mummy, what is Rusty doing?IMG_3514 He looks like he’s rubbing in the dirt where he didn’t get when in the puddle.IMG_3515Hey Rusty, look at that beautiful view! You’re not interested?IMG_3525May’s comment: Boys will be boys!

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