Saying it with flowers

Darling Jaffa, I’m going away for a little while. Just wanted to say – I love you lots and while I am exploring the Wild, Wild West – and meeting doggies of another land, I will be thinking of you – and counting the days when we will see each other again.Jaffa: Promise? I look forward to us being together again. I shall miss you. But I am still annoyed you’re going away.

May’s comments: And so our journey begins tonight …


  1. Cheryl

    Enjoy your adventures! Safe travels!

  2. Margaret Danks

    Don’t let him off the lead lol. Safe journey May and Georgie and Have fun at HOM MissD

  3. Laura Cordovano

    Oh George such a romantic. Make sure you bring her a nice gift from your travels. I know you will Hint: Canine Styles in NYC. xo Safe journeys.

  4. Sian Widner

    Have a great time in NYC! Can’t wait to see pics!
    Sian x

  5. Maree

    Have a wonderful adventure in USA. Happy traveling

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