See ya’ later!

You go along now, big and small doggies. Charlie, Georgie, Churchill, Crumpet, Jaffa, Habiti … ta, ta for now!

Last week when London reached record high temperatures, I waved goodbye to them as they went for their walks.

Mummy and I went to Juice Baby insteadTo say hello to Katherine and Lyra.
But Lyra was a bit jelly of her Mummy giving me some attention.

After our little rendezvous, it was time for some retail therapy. I don’t feel like walking when the weather’s too hot for me and neither does Mummy, it seems. So we took a taxi. Yay!  And then going into air-conditioned retail shops, But there’s nothing interesting in there for me, so I was happy to leave after checking behind all the counters.

On the way home, we took the bus instead – But the buses were quite hot to ride in, but at least we were not walking.

So we’re simply thankful for more conducive London weather for our walkies.

May’s comment: Too darn hot! That record-breaking heat in London last week was way too much! Thank goodness we’re back in the 20’s. I want to wear clothes and not feel like I am swimming in them!

And clever Darcy, she didn’t like the heat either. While she’s normally excited about going for walks, the three days when it was in the 30’s – she simply refused to go. When coaxed, she barked at the dog walker. And on this day, she hid behind me.  She sure has an opinion and just fascinating that they can choose for themselves – certain things.


  1. Katherine Shiatis

    Such fun to see you both! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    I love a girl who knows her own mind!??

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