See you at the Rainbow Bridge, Mr. Butt

My first vet, George’s first vet, Jaffa’s first vet – went to meet our friends across the Rainbow Bridge.

When Mum first brought me there for my first visit, I feel immediately comfortable and Mr. Butt gained my trust.

He set me off on my first travels abroad – signing my passport.

When George came into our lives, the first thing Mum did was take him to see Mr. Butt to have him looked over.

Little George loved the attention.
I made sure Mr. Butt learn all about George – and er, get a treat as well.

Even Little Tyke had met Mr. Butt.

Thank you Mr. Butt for making my visits to the vet always such a pleasant experience.

Those treats really helped.

It has been awhile since I last saw you. Mum told me yesterday afternoon that you had crossed to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge – to be with all those animals you had taken care of over the years. They must be so happy to see you again.

May’s comment: We knew Mr. Butt had been ill for awhile. I first learnt about it soon after the beginning of the year. We had the sporadic phone call and exchange of communication about meeting up – there are still a lot of things to do, he said from his hospice bed, about animal welfare. He wanted to meet up.

I had joined his “team” of campaigners for Pets on Eurostar a couple of years ago – and then Brexit happened and we had to sideline it. We were all too busy.

And I was busy last week. He’ll catch me this week, he said. Well, it was a week too late. 🙁

Broken hearted. We loved Mr. Butt.

We love the little mews house in Kynance Mews where the vet surgery had been caring for animals in the Kensington area for over 50 years.

When I had Darcy and knew nothing about owning a pet, Mr. Butt took me through the stages. We saw him often as Darcy before Darcy settled into her raw diet. And when George came along, he welcomed him. And when George had his bout of sick for three months running – he gave me a simple remedy – give him a few tablespoons of skin milk before bedtime to line his stomach. He wasn’t sick again whenever I did.

There are other very capable hands at Kynance – but we will miss Mr. Butt – a lot.

Our condolences to his family as all of us who knew him mourn his passing. R.I.P. Mr. Butt. I can imagine as you walked through the Pearly Gates and all those doggies and other animals rushing to greet you up there. Wagging tails and excited jumps. And you would just be stroking all of them one by one.


  1. Jane Groothuis

    You, Darcy and George were lucky to have known him.
    I love to think he’s across the Rainbow Bridge now, with many of the friends he cared for so capably and compassionately.

  2. Amanda

    Gorgeous words, and very true. rest in Peace Mr Butt.

  3. Alison Mullett

    I’m so sad to read the news of Mr Butt’s passing. He clearly made a huge difference to the lives of animals and their owners. As my grandma would say “a life well lived”. May he RIP.

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