Comedy, love and a bit with a dog

Mummy went to see “Shakespeare in Love” at the Noel Coward Theatre – not only because it had rave reviews but because of Barney, the labradoodle who steals the show every night!article-0-207C3C2E00000578-506_634x443

IMG_1914 After the show, she happened past the Stage Door entrance. She suddenly thought – hey, I want to meet Barney.IMG_1912So she hung around and waited for a while.  The casts were coming out – there was “Romeo” smoking a cigarette and others came out looking quite self-conscious. Mummy thought she might as well ask one of them if Barney’s still inside. She was told that they whisk him away asap! Disappointed, she left to come home to me. 🙂

P.s. There are actually two dogs casted. One’s Barney – not sure who the other one is.

May’s comment: Every time Barney came out on stage, the audience reacted and in his final act, the audience cheered. Definitely put a big smile on my face. Yay! Doodles!  As for the show – thoroughly enjoyed it! It was funny, well staged and full of energy. Of course the dog stole the show! Shakespeare-In-Love-Company

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